Peering Policy of AS211713

ASN: AS211713
AS-Set: AS-Connectium
Peering Policy: Open

Total Prefixes IPv4: 1
Recommend IPv4 Prefix Limit: 10

Total Prefixes IPv6: 1
Prefix1: 2a03:8e20::/32
Recommend IPv6 Prefix Limit: 10

We are peering on the following Internet Exchanges:

Name Speed Location IPv4-Address IPv6-Address
AMS-IX 10G Nikhef Amsterdam 2001:7f8:1:0:a500:21:1713:1
ERA-IX 10G Nikhef Amsterdam 2001:7f8:12a::16
Frys-IX 10G Nikhef Amsterdam 2001:7f8:10f::ad97:243
INTERIX 10G Nikhef Amsterdam 2001:7f8:134::1a
LSIX 10G Nikhef Amsterdam 2001:7f8:8f::a521:1713:1
NDIX 5G InterDC Enschede 2001:7f8:e::21:1713:1
NDIX 1G Previder PDC2 Hengelo 2001:7f8:e::21:1713:2
Speed-IX 10G Nikhef Amsterdam 2001:7f8:b7::a521:1713:1

We have the following Transit Providers:

Name Speed Location AS
InterRacks 30G InterDC Enschede & Hengelo AS42093
Serverius 10G Nikhef Amsterdam AS50673
Qonnected 10G InterDC Enschede AS200023